The History

In 2014, Lamont & John bought the former Edenside Christian Church property, which had been in operation for 108 years. The church had closed and its members moved on to other congregations. We promised the church leaders that we would be good stewards of the property and breathe new life in to her. With that in mind, we tried to figure out how and what to do to make good on our promise. We stumbled upon the co-working business model and thought that was pretty cool. What we ended up with is a sort of hybrid, we have mostly single, private offices that average about 130 sq. ft. and have access to a community conference room, cafe/break room, high speed internet, mailbox, and flexible month to month membership agreements. We offer different levels of membership, in order to cater to varying business models; These range from virtual, open desk, private desk, shared office, and private office options. We serve as an incubator for new or growing small businesses, or even just a place to escape the noise and distractions that working from home can bring 😉 We’d like to think we’ve created a pretty special place and hope we’ve made those that came before us proud.

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